Aaron Boone

At a time when I was a little burnt out w my workout routine, Brandon reenergized my enjoyment of fitness. I've had a lot of great trainers over the years and Brandon is one of the best.
He is great at understanding exactly what you need, while making it fun along the way.

Cody Ross

I’ve been working out with Brandon for 3 years now.  He has helped me stay in shape and maintain my strength and flexibility since retiring from Major League Baseball back in 2015. I often tell Brandon that I wish I would have worked with him during my career so I could have played longer. Brandon keeps my workout routines challenging and always modifies when needed. He has tons of energy which helps when I’m dragging and unmotivated. I recommend Brandon to everyone out there in all facets of workout life. Whether your a beginner or advanced in weight training he is the man for you! 

  • -Cody Ross
  • 10+ years MLB 
  • 2010 NLCS MVP
  • 2010 World Series Championship 

Kalani Hilliker

Being in the spotlight is never easy you are consistently judged in every aspect so having Brandon train me and help me stay in shape has been amazing! He makes me want to go to the gym everyday! I have taken a true love for boxing thanks to Brandon! Every day is a new workout something different and I love every bit of it! 

Kira Girard

Brandon has been my savior to getting my butt back in shape after my third baby and who came at the busiest time of my life it has been a challenge to get the weight off. But with Brandon he has made the workouts challenging, fun, and most importantly I've seen major results! 

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